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How could the Automated Sweep of Switching Frequency is bringing forward Power Electronics?

PRESS RELEASE – This September 2019, in Bodo’s Power, discover our article.

Bodos 19 - automated sweep powerforge

“A Step Forward for Benchmark & Design Tools for Power Electronics

Cut time & costs starting with the time spent in the early stage-phase. Discover the potential of Automated Sweep of the Switching Frequency in your Early-Stage Design Phase.

The transformation of the global energy system is speeding up. The need to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions is driving power electronics and power converters. The next generation of power converter designs will be even more driven by conversion efficiency, while mass, volume, cost…reduction will remain key. To achieve these goals, degrees of freedom such as multilevel topologies which increase the apparent switching frequencies, Wide Band Gap power switches which explore wider temperatures ranges and higher switching frequencies,… must be considered by designers. To help designers to meet these challenges, design or benchmark tools enabling as a first step ultra-swift sweeps of different parameters as degrees of freedom are necessary.”


By Guillaume Fontes, Aurélie Cretté & all the other members of the Power Design Technologies Team

What is Bodo's Power Systems ?

Bodo’s Power System is a magazine focusing exclusively on power electronics, written by experts from all over the industry. It has provided the global engineering community detailed technology, applications, products and news every month for more than ten years.

About Our Authors

Guillaume Fontes – CSO & Co-founder / Power Design Technologies

Guillaume has been an associate Professor at the Polytechnic National Institute of Toulouse and at the LAPLACE lab since 2006. He studied electrochemical storage of electric energy and now focuses on methods and tools for the design of power converters. He co-developed a power converter design software prototype in 2013, which is now owned by Power Design Technologies.

Guillaume received the M.Sc from INP-ENSEEIHT in 2001, graduated from the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan in 2003 and received his PhD from the National Polytechnic of Toulouse in 2005.

Aurélie Cretté – Head of Marketing / Power Design Technologies

Aurélie graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Agronomie et d’Industries Alimentaires – INPL in Nancy in 2008. She became a Market Research Manager for a multinational FMCG company and later on for a Market Research Agency in Singapore. She joined the Toulouse Business School in 2014 and received her MS in Management of Climate Change & Sustainable Development. She has been focusing on complex environment and sustainable development challenges since then. Aurélie joined Power Design Technologies in 2019.

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