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The Future of Power Electronics – T. Meynard

What is the Future of Power Electronics? Interview of Thierry Meynard Watch The Interview Transcript What is the future of power electronics? When people think about the future of power electronics, I think that everybody is convinced that in the future of power electronics we use Wide-Band Gap devices. They

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PowerForge & PSIM – The winning partnership

PowerForge & PSIM – The Winning Partnership Toulouse (France) – July 30th, 2019 In 2018, Power Design Technologies initiated a partnership with Powersim Inc., a global leader in circuit simulation for power conversion, to enrich the customer experience by offering compatibility between their design platforms Powerforge and PSIM. In 2019,

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3 big issues for Medium Voltage drives and how to address them

3 big issues for Medium Voltage drives and how to address them Guillaume Fontes Chief Scientific Officer at Power Design Technologies Follow Guillaume on LinkedIn Variable Speed Drives (VSDs) have been available for over 35 years and are used in a wide range of applications in industry and transport, such

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Optimized Power Converters for MV Drive

“Optimize your Power Converters: With Faster, Lighter, Cheaper and More Efficient Designs.Get to the Next Level of Power Converters!”Find out more with this example on Medium Voltage drive… Thanks to its fast, robust and intuitive software design solution, The Tom Thumb of power electronics: Power Design Technologies knows no bounds

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