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For Education

To get started using PowerForge in your classroom, explore our education offer and submit your request below.

With PowerForge, professors and students can:

  • Compare different components and materials
    Select and compare the components or materials from libraries. PowerForge also allows professors & students to add their own semi-conductors.
  • Benchmark topologies: 2-level and multilevel
    2-Level architecture and multi-level topologies (T-type, NPC, Flying Capacitor,...) are available in PowerForge. PowerForge offers the choice between three modulations strategies (Sinus, Third Harmonic Injection and Space Vector) with two different carrier dispositions (PD and APOD).
  • Explore different solutions for power converter design & evaluate their performances
    Mass, Volume, Loss, Cost and more Key Performance Indicators are automatically calculated for two bidirectional conversion stages (non isolated DC/DC converter and 3-phase DC/AC inverter) for 10kW and beyond.
  • Sweep automatically parameters
    The automated switching frequency sweep allows the user to generate design solutions for a chosen power converter architecture, semi-conductor,… on a defined range (with start, end and step frequencies).
  • Compare the results with parameter graphs
    PowerForge offers customisable graphic options with filters. PowerForge allows graphs generation by users and offers filtering tools for trade-off identification.
  • Export solutions to third-party software
    PowerForge offers a connexion with the standard software & tools used in the industry (PSIM, Plecs, excel…).

PowerForge for Education is offered to Professors to support teaching activities as such:

  • Free
  • Limited in time – valid for a school year – renewable
  • It has the full functionality of PowerForge
  • Available with personal accounts
  • Restricted to use by students, educators and teachers in connection with on-campus classroom teaching only. The use for research or any other purpose is prohibited.
To start the registration:
  1. The referent fills in the link below.
  2. After submission, the referent prepares the list of addresses to be granted access to PowerForge.
  3. PowerForge will come back to you within a few working days.
  4. The referent signs a convention between the university and Power Design Technologies and sends it back to PowerForge contact together with the list of email addresses.
  5. Accesses to PowerForge are created.
  6. Users are invited by mail to complete their registration (add noreply@powerdesign.tech in your contact to ensure that this is not classified as a spam).
  7. Once users have finalised the registration, they can start using PowerForge.

Please fill out the form below to request PowerForge for Education

  1. The request must come directly from the referent professor or a member of the University. It is highly recommended that the person in charge of the request uses a valid University email address.
  2. The referent will be asked to prepare the list of email addresses (professors and students) that will be granted access to PowerForge for Education. After submitting the form below, a pop up window with an excel template will open. The referer is kindly asked to save the document and use it to create the listing of addresses.

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