Optimization of the workflow for power converter design – DC Fast charger for EV

This webinar presents PowerForge, a powerful platform for designing, exploring and comparing power converter designs.
By integrating multidisciplinary domains, PowerForge is a solution for power electronics engineers to design lighter, smaller and more efficient converters and this in record time. Centered around the engineer’s workflow, PowerForge offers a seamless experience: product specifications, differents designs trade-off including complex multilevel topologies and export to other power electronics tools such as PSIM.

The webinar focused on three main points, which are power converter design, engineer workflow and the design tool.

– Intro: Issue What’s the point of a unique design tool ?
– EV chargers
      • Overview
      • DC Fast charger Applications
– Demo: Design with PowerForge
      • Use of degrees of freedom: technology and topology
      • Export: your converter design in PSIM and your inductor in FEMM
– Synthesis of the workflow

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