PowerForge is a powerful platform for designing, exploring and comparing power converter designs. Thanks to multidisciplinary integration, PowerForge empowers development teams with a unique tool for designing lighter, smaller and more efficient converters in record time.

Centered  around  the  engineer’s  work flow, PowerForge offers a seamless experience from product specification stages to trade-off of most complex multilevel topologies and sizing of passive and active components.

Key Benefits

Design cutting-edge converters

More efficient

Reduce time-to-market

From specification to design in minutes
Ready-to-use simulation files

Streamline your design workflow

All-in-one platform for early stage design
Real-time multi-site collaboration

Key Features

Bidirectional conversion stages from kW to MW

Automated design generation from 2-level to multilevel

Broad libraries of devices and materials

Ready-to-use file exports for industry-standard software

Cloud access