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PowerForge offers a seamless experience from product specification to trade-off of most complex multilevel Medium Voltage drive topologies. Whatever your application (naval, manufacturing, wind power…) you are able to compare easily various solutions in no time.

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PowerForge helps you answer the specific questions of Medium Voltage variable speed drives. Its fast design algorithm and user-friendly interfaces allow you to find your optimal solutions in a short time for your MV Drive application.

In PowerForge, you will find:

Main industrialized multilevel topologies

Broad library of switches and passive components

Comparison tools

Reducing motor winding stress in MV drives with PowerForge

Reduce THD

Undesired high frequency harmonics caused by switching operation increase copper and iron losses, reducing the efficiency of the power chain and risking motor winding insulation deterioration through overheating.

Increasing the switching frequency usually makes these harmonics easier to filter, but this increases switching loss proportionally, impacting converter efficiency.

Alternatively, multilevel topologies with more output voltage levels can reduce waveform harmonic content.

Which topology best fits my application?
How many voltage levels?
What should be the switching frequency?  

With PowerForge, you can identify the optimal drive design with low Total Harmonic Distorsion and maximum conversion efficiency.

Limit voltage overshoots

Fast dV/dt voltage transitions caused by the PWM waveform may cause voltage spikes that degrade the insulation of the motor winding.

Voltage transitions can be slowed down by increasing the switches’ gate resistance at the cost of additional switching loss, reducing overall efficiency.

Increasing the number of levels in the output waveform reduces the amplitude of voltage steps and thus voltage overshoot.

Which solution is better?
Can I avoid the need for a bulky and costly filter?

Thanks to PowerForge, you are able to test and compare multilevel solutions with limited voltage spikes while ensuring your product delivers maximum efficiency.

Optimize system cost

Optimizing BoM cost is critical to develop competitive products on the global MV drive market.

The use of multilevel topologies not only has an effect on the overall converter performances, but also on the product cost: several standard, low voltage rated IGBTs may turn out more cost-effective than fewer expensive HV IGBT modules.

How many levels results in an optimal cost?
What is the impact on filter cost?

PowerForge is the fast and intuitive solution to assess different multilevel topologies and choose the most cost-effective solution.

Do you use multilevel to its full extent in MV drives?

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PowerForge can help you design faster and cost-efficiently.
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