PowerForge’s industry-standard file exports

Evaluating many design options and comparing their performances in order to find the best trade-off is just the first step in the job of designing a high-performance power converter (we know that because we’ve been there ourselves).

Thanks to its ability to export files to many industry-standard software tools, PowerForge integrates with your usual product development workflow.

Schematics and models for your preferred circuit simulator

Ready-to-use zip archives containing circuit schematics files and associated power switch loss model files can be exported for either of the two leading circuit simulation software dedicated to power electronics : PSIM and PLECS.

Easy magnetics design verification with finite element analysis

Verify, fine-tune and optimize inductor designs with the help of 2D electromagnetics finite element analysis thanks to PowerForge’s export to the most accessible free FEA software on the market: FEMM (Finite Element Method Magnetics)

Convenient design documents

Don’t waste time generating boilerplate documents: PowerForge can do it for you.

  • XLSX bill of materials