What is PowerForge?

PowerForge helps you design power converters, from specification to highly competitive designs.
It addresses the major aspects of power converter design: power converter topology and power devices, input/output filters and cooling of power devices. For custom machined components such as magnetics or heatsink, the tool proposes suitable dimensions for the components.

Why should I use PowerForge?

  • I must bring new power converters to market with significantly (×2) higher power density and/or less losses
  • I need to reduce the time-to-market of my new products
  • I want to decrease the risk of short-notice tender submissions
  • I need my design teams from all around the world to collaborate, using a harmonized software workflow


PowerForge enables exploring as many configurations that meet your specifications as you want.

What are its key features?

  • Automated design of kW-MW power converters
  • Estimation of volume, mass and power loss
  • Exploration of multilevel topologies (hard switching)
  • Export: design reportBOM and electrical files
  • Access to components libraries (power devices, capacitors, magnetic materials)
  • Multi-user project sharing and collaboration
  • Cloud access