Release History

2019.1 (February 07, 2019)


 Private references in library

  • Users can now create private discrete and module (leg, T-type, NPC) library references, providing loss data in Plecs XML format (‘Table only’ supported, no formula)
  • Users can now create private semiconductor package footprints (they can be used for abovementioned discretes & modules)
  • Private library references are shared among members of an organization
  • Private library references can be used interchangeably with public references in designs

  Project-specific library selection

  • Each project’s owner can select a freely-configurable subset of all available library references
  • Only selected library references will be used in the project’s designs


  • Semiconductor packages and frequency-domain limit lines (from conducted EMC standards) are now displayed as libraries
  • Library list views now feature pagination and full-text search
  • All libraries now offer a detail view for each reference
  • Voltage drop is now computed from a look-up-table instead of a simple linear (forward voltage + on-resistance) model
  • MOSFETs with external anti-parallel diodes are now supported, with proper reverse current split between MOSFET and diode chips in synchronous rectification
  • NPC inner switch turn-on events at zero current can now generate switching loss due to non-zero voltage: 1) outer switch is turned off, 2) clamp diode turns on, 3) opposite inner switch is turned on (as control signals with the outer switch are complementary) and sees its voltage fall from E/4 to 0.
  • Exported PSIM circuit now include parasitic resistances in L and C elements
  • The project participant addition form now auto-suggests other organization members


  • Fixed computation of the EE inductor winding mass: window fill factor was taken into account twice
  • Fixed equivalent macrocell voltage spectrum shown for 3-phase AC L filters
  • Fixed computation of damping capacitor loss in DC LC filter with parallel RC damping
  • Fixed crash of thermal computation when both cooling and macrocell subsystems are in manual mode and use ‘unrealistic’ values
  • Fixed package names for 5SNA 0756650300 and 5SNA 0800J450300 references: ‘HiPak 1/2 HV’ replaced by ‘HiPak 1/2’
  • Fixed filter waveforms sometimes missing in manual mode
  • Fixed empty input field when using the same edition modal dialog twice
  • Fixed computation of flying capacitor mass, volume and cost for the SMC topology

2018.2 (September 25, 2018)


  New multilevel topologies

New bidirectional DC/AC multilevel topologies are offered:

  • 3-level Neutral Point Clamped (NPC) using NPC module
  • 3-level T-type using T-type module3-level T-type using discretes
  • Stacked MultiCell (multilevel SMC)

  PSIM export

Export ready-to-use files from simulation files and semiconductor loss data of the designed conversion stage.

  Cost estimation

This feature makes possible to estimate the cost of the converter (components + materials).

  Discretes and modules library viewer

A detailed view of the characteristics of discretes and modules (bridge leg, NPC & T-type) is now available from the library overview.


  Number of levels computed in the DC-AC case

The value displayed was referring to the phase-to-phase voltage and was wrong. It has been found it was much more relevant to display the number of levels of a waveform from one single phase leg.