PowerForge: Make the right decision!

Discover how you could increase the performance and competitiveness
of your power converters!

What is PowerForge?

PowerForge is an innovative benchmark oriented design tool for the next generation of power converters. Compare the mass, volume, efficiency, and cost of different power converters’ options & choose your best solutions.

Take into account your electrical specification, benchmark and choose your best power converter option!

PowerForge allows you to explore and compare different power converter solutions. With PowerForge, you will compare in no time different power converter architectures, semi-conductors, etc. Powerforge is the solution that fits the needs and constraints of power electronic designers whether your industry or application field is: naval, wind, photovoltaic, manufacturing, shipping, electric vehicle, aeronautic, storage systems, etc.

Do you have the best solution to achieve your company or to your customers’ growth goals?

PowerForge will not only help you benchmark power converter solutions, but it will also provide you the most actionable information, especially comparison results to estimate the cost of your power converter (with your own negotiated prices) and select the solution that meets your specs.

Whether you are a manufacturer or a contractor, whether it is for tender (writing, response, evaluation answers) or product development, with PowerForge you are sure to get the results and data to back your recommendations and get an edge on the competition with the power converter you develop.

Get the best for your team! Focus your time & energy where your value & expertise matter!

Thanks to PowerForge sharing features: cloud access and rights access management, you will smoothly collaborate with the team members you select and build upon your team expertise to develop your best power converter solution!

Why should you try PowerForge?

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