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Faster benchmark of architectures, power switches & topologies & detailed design.
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Register and join us for our live webinar with PSIM on June 26th at 11 AM UTC-4!

Designing and developing power converters comes with specific set of challenges. Yet no matter what your end industry is, your are surely facing the 4 sacred dimensions of optimization: mass, volume, cost, loss; and the absolute rule of specs: reduce at least one of them! And reduce time-to-market…

Hence, deeper integration of design and development tools are required.

PowerForge & PSIM tightened their interoperability to offer to their users not only a winning alliance but also an alliance that helps power converters designers save time in their workflow while ensuring the robustness of their benchmarks, analyses and simulations. Each solution is developed by a company that chose to focus on a specific high value offer to bring the best and most competitive solution to power electronics experts.

In this webinar, co-hosted by one representative of each platform, the seamsless integration between PowerForge & PSIM will be demonstrated using a Medium Voltage Drive (multi-level) and a DC Fast Charger case study. 

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • use PowerForge to explore and benchmark your design options (semi-conductors, topologies and detailed power converter designs) in no time
  • export the power stage to PSIM
  • generate the most relevant simulations from PSIM for shortest possible design iteration time through offline simulation and real-time verification


  1. Introduction
  2. Presentation of PowerForge & PSIM
  3. Example of Medium Voltage Drive: Design in PowerForge / Export from PowerForge to PSIM / Generation of PSIM simulation.
  4. Example of DC Fast Charger: Design in PowerForge / Export from PowerForge to PSIM / Generation of PSIM simulation.
  5. Conclusion
  6. Live Q&A with our experts

Our Experts:

Albert Dunford – CTO / Powersim

After completing his degree in Applied Science at the University of British Columbia, Albert worked in industry for 9 years before joining Powersim 5 years ago. Albert’s industrial experience is with two startup companies. One company was involved with high efficiency voltage regulation for commercial buildings 440kVA – 1.5 MVA using a semiconductor based tap changer for an auto-transformer. Albert received a patent for his work developing a way to change the electronics while the unit remained energized. He then worked for a spin-off company from UBC’s applied biophysics lab. Albert was responsible for the complete electrical design for a novel method to separate DNA from contaminates using rotating high voltage electric fields. The system was later improved to allow for the selection of DNA based on sequence down to a single base pair mismatch and high sensitivity using rotating thermal and electric fields. Since joining Powersim 5 years ago, Albert has worked to provide PSIM users with unmatched technical support for power converter and motor drive design. Albert’s webinars and tutorial videos have over 350k total views on subjects ranging from power converter design and stability to motor drives to embedded code generation.

Guillaume Fontes – CSO & Co-founder / Power Design Technologies

Guillaume has been an associate Professor at the Polytechnic National Institute of Toulouse and at the LAPLACE lab since 2006. He studied electrochemical storage of electric energy and now focuses on methods and tools for the design of power converters. He co-developed a power converter design software prototype in 2013, which is now owned by Power Design Technologies.

Guillaume received the M.Sc from INP-ENSEEIHT in 2001, graduated from the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan in 2003 and received his PhD from the National Polytechnic of Toulouse in 2005.

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